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Dec 3, 2012 5:30am EST
. 60 x cd, soft and willie fantastic details. >>guest: looks like this sacred land. raiders they always to signify the tough, black and blue and that is really not what they are for at the team back in the day, that is what they were staying standing for perry and >>host: i want to see the raiders to well. >>guest: rate news with the jets, mark sanchez got benched and we're thinking that some t-bill was coming and but he was not that right can it was3 and he leads them down for attention and won the games and now we might have a quarterback controversy brewing in new york and tim t-bill is still waiting for his chance to get on the field and i don't know if he ever will. >>host: 7 will join us who is calling us right now and she is a giants fan and welcome to the football fan shop here at hsn and you are a giants fan are you in new york or a displaced and. >>caller: i and in new york. >>host: you still come to hsn for the best cook but there are ground? >>caller: i have three of these instuff i also ordered another one for my brother. >>host: a year later, how
Dec 9, 2012 7:45am EST
by itself to attack the union fleet and july of 1860 d. the confederates had gotten to commerce raiders in florida and alabama. they were being loose on the seas now. the union navy had captured galveston in october 1862 and confederates counterattacked on new year's day. so the momentum of the more it seemed to be reversed. and it took a while before it would swing back. >> craig, jim mentioned halleck's reluctance to involve himself. walk us through the development, the understanunderstan ding of the urgent need for joint domination. >> i was just going to say the broader question, there was no protocol, no understanding and very little experience in history of united states that would allow the navy and the army to work as partners on the singleton. we have to remember the of course the national security act of 1947, post-world war ii phenomenon that created the joint chiefs of staff, secretary of defense. during the civil war, in world war ii there was a secretary of war who was responsible for the army, and secretary of the navy, responsible for the navy who sat as co-equals on the
Dec 3, 2012 4:00am EST
to get into the playoffs and making the push to the super bowl. it in order and have a giants raiders are >>guest: it is possible 2 teams and understand and they've been there before and date understand what it takes to make their run. once you get there you have to be hot regardless of your record and that's why we look at teams like you send a command and 11-1 and are they getting hot at the right time? they have clinched their division earlier so the last couple games all mean much because when they are playing hide your plank for meaningful games at the end and that is so important for teams to make the pressure >>host: s about the features once or in the jack and i think this is an impressive troy's because it is so soft and comfortable. it set layer and cushion and pad that will help insulate and keep you warm. if there many places in a country where it is cold and your readers man but it is something to find that'sa raiders fan but it is hard to find something for your team. >>guest: you walk into the stadium and you walk into your tailgate you have this jacket andre on yo
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3